Incremental commands for everything

Renoise should have more incremental commands rather than inputting values like XX-00 -> XX-FF for every value in the instrument DSP panel and midi values for VSTs- there are countless times where I found an incremental command for the sample based instruments (XU-01, XD-01, XG-01, XI-01, XO-01) so much more useful and faster than typing every hex value out 1 by 1. I understand the aesthetic of having the look of every typed out values but it’s time to move on from that - or have a conversion code that takes the placement of wherever the VST/DSP value started and record the pre-placed incremental commands and set that in stone!

It’s like taking the envelope editor and really shining it on the Pattern Editor!

I see Renoise as tracker based DAW, but it shouldn’t be stuck on that image of being a tracker. I always feel like I have total control when using Renoise and this is a step in the right direction!


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