Incremental Solo/Mute?

In the mixer, if I click [S] it solos the track. So far so good. Now I want to add another track into what i’m hearing by adding another track, in other DAWs like Ableton Live, this is possible by ctrl-clicking or if you set it up in preferences just regular click.

Can renoise do this?


I’m not sure I understand your question right. If I do, just unmute the other track by clicking “M”.


he means … he solo’s track 02 … and only hears track 02 … now he wants to listen to track 02 AND track 03 …
how does he add track 03

that’s how i understood it … might be wrong, tho :smiley:

Bit_Arts’ suggestion is correct.

The solo button is really just a shortcut that automatically mutes all the other tracks for you - there isn’t really a dedicated solo mode, per se. So if you want to solo track 2 and then also listen to track 3 alongside it, you simply un-mute track 3 yourself.

One possible downside here is that when you have more than one track audible (ie. un-muted), you might expect that clicking the solo button once more would toggle everything back to the normal state, but it doesn’t quite work that way. Hitting the solo button again on either track 2 or track 3 will just solo that track once more. So I would advise that you make a key binding to the “Unmute All Tracks” function, which can be found at: Preferences > Keys > Global > Track Muting > Unmute All Tracks

Thanks guys. Helpful. Didn’t think to click unmute. Such a creature of habit me.

Yes that was what I meant.