Independent Channel Loop Points

I was thinking about ways to eliminate the loop point click problem which is often addressed in Renoise via the Crossfade option. This is fine for some samples, of course. The thing is that whereas you can adjust the loop point marker so that this is not the case, rarely will you be able to find a point in a stereo file where this can occur simultaneously on both channels. This is why I thought it might be useful to have loop points that can be unganged and set independently on each stereo channel of the waveform or ganged together if one symmetrical loop point is desired. This would aply to both the start and end loop markers. Of course, when unganged and with different loop lengths, this would cause the channels to fall out of phase, but this in itself could be considered by many to be an interesting effect that may prove useful


Actually, I do something very similar manually quite often to get binaural beats. Just duplicate the sound sample inside the instrument, make sure they both play on the same keyzones pan one hard left and the other hard right and you can play around with each stereo channel independently. The result is usually very meditative.

Personally I would rather that development was spend on improving the crossfade, like others have suggested.