Indie Pulse Pack 90% Off On Steam

I think this is relevant to the renoise forum

Pulse pack.
All music games.
(4 games which play your own music and 1 which has its own music).

Its only 4,50 euro for 5 games.

Hmm, I just bought Audiosurft last week for €2,50… and the only game that looks quite interesting to me next to Audiosurf is the Polynomial… what to do, what to do :unsure:

How long before the offer expires? I don’t have money before tuesday…

Are games really one of your priorities when you’re broke? :lol:

Not only that, if you have to worry about this kind of pocket change, you might better reconsider plans to make a structured change in your life that these kind of pennies are your least of worries.

When it’s 4.50 euro… Yes. Normally I just download the shit outta what I want, but even a broke ass as me should be able to take this offer.

Look, now I have money but the offer’s no longer up. :smashed:

quit smoking



Chime is 1 euro on steam. I just played it for an hour straight, soo relaxing. (music from phillip glass, moby and more)