Indie Record Publisher Is Looking For Music!

Hi there Renoise users!

We are an indie record label called HeadDesk Records, based in Sydney, and we’re looking for fresh tracks for an upcoming compilation record to be published worldwide. We are looking for music in the genera of electronica, ambient trance, psy trance, glitch, ambient breakbeat and similar, which is why we thought we’d ask Renoise users specifically, since this is a hub of sorts for some really interesting music : ) If you have a fresh track to offer in one of those genera or similar, then please contact us!

You may go to our website for more information at or you may write to us directly at

Thank you, and we hope to hear from you.
The team at HDR!

P.S. We hope that this doesn’t count as advertising, but if it does and it gets deleted then thank you for your consideration anyway : )