Individual Envelope Per Instrument Sample

It would be useful to assign a unique envelope for each sample within an instrument.

This is another one of those things that has been requested a lot.

It will not happen for 2.8, i can grant you that. But it might be taken if the instrument area is taken to the next level.

I thought I was doing something wrong.

Ofcourse not, also noticing your membership age, you probably couldn’t have known that during Beta, suggestions and ideas of minor change have the best chance of getting added whilst suggestions that require a major overhaul, usually won’t make it. But that’s how it works. The more the beta evolves, the smaller the chances are becoming.

I was kind of torn between posting it the regular request forum and here. If you think that it’s a major request would you mind moving it? Would you also mind moving that instrument automation midi learn request in here as well?

Thanks vV.

No problem, however what isn’t treated will end up in the general ideas and suggestions forum anyway (if the suggestion hasn’t been made before ofcourse), so it doesn’t get lost.