Individual Loop Points And/Or Lengths On Tracks.

This feature request has probably been posted several times before, but I believe it’s a very important one.

I really would love the possibility to set individual loop-points for each track. For instance if you want a 4/4 kick-drum you just set an end loop point at for instance the 4:th row. If you want a 3/4 rhythm on top of that you set an end loop point on the 3:rd row at the next track and so forth.

Often when you want to to polyrhythmic sequences it’s very nice to be able to set different loop-lengths on different tracks. As it is now this kind of sequencing requires a lot of work and is far from flexible.

Is this something planned in the near future?

It depends on what you understand under “a lot of work”, just copying a snippet you want to repeat and continues paste using ctrl+p is less hassle than manually copy each snippet in the right section.
Another way would be to render your 3/4 snippet to sample and loop the sample.
Some ideas raised about this part are amongst others allowing to use pattern snippets as instruments. This idea was also discussed backstage.
I have not seen planning for implementation yet though.

Sure, I agree for most cases that works well. But the bad thing is that you you can’t just loop the same pattern if you want to keep the same rhythm for a particular track. Usually want to keep a pattern length of 2^x, so either you have to break that rule and choose a suitable pattern length, introducing other problems, or create new patterns and modify the track until the rhythms coincide again.

Sometimes you have like 3/4, 4/4, 7/8 rhythms overlapping x patterns, then it starts to get messy :)

In Ableton for instance you can just set start points and loop points individually for each “block”. Whenever playback starts the sequencer follow these constraints. I like composing in Renoise a lot, but for doing this kind of music, Ableton is much more powerful. That’s why I proposed this feature, because I think Renoise is and should stay in the same league.

I don’t know if this feature would require major rewrites of the playback engine, but as far as I’ve understood Renoise works more like a regular sequencer internally nowadays than a mod-player :)

I think that is indeed quiet a challenge for the playroutine, as if I understand correctly you basicly want to have on each track independent linenumber count, kind of each track being a sub-pattern.
I totally dig this idea!
+1 :yeah:

IMHO this is technicly a hard nut to but on the other hand this would be the first tracker ever coming up with this great-level of versatility. But I 'd like also to remember (with a little reference to Bit_Arts recent “Good bye” post) : Renoise doesn’t claim to be the pinacle of Protools/Logic/Live-world (or maybe I just missed smthg?) :rolleyes:
This is a tracker, the best one around, no question, but there are chances for improvements

Different length tracks being able to coexist is probably the most sought-after feature of a fuller Arranger redesign that has been on the cards for a long, long time. Think zoomable patterns probably fits in there too. Hopefully one day soon…

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I just came in from a google search on this exact issue, with reference to Ableton as well. I too am a huge fan of renoise and think this issue is paramount.

Individual tracks with individual BPM adjustment, Lines/Beat, and Track Length.

I know this is an old thread but I just got Renoise and this was the first thing I tried and got stuck on. I have the NerdSeq eurorack tracker and I am used to putting the jump to position zero FX on each track. Would be great if something similar could be implemented in Renoise.

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