Industrial, experimental and dark techno

(RAM IO) #1

Hi folks,

If anybody is interested. I run a label mainly focussing on industrial techno and from there taking side steps to the experimental and dark side of that music.

If any of you is involved in this genre and you want to collaborate/join the label? Send a demo with a service like wetransfer to

The label started a bit longer than a year ago and our community is building. We do active promotion on events with others and we are busy developing a backstage where the participating producers can exchange stuff to each other.

All our music is professionally mastered by a dedicated engineer and distributed widely through all major digital download stores.

We would love to support more Renoise based productions and producers. So if you are into this then send a message!

Peace out!

(BTS) #2

Hi, for those who are curious, are you looking for Industrial Techno projects in the vain of any specific artists?

(SynthisterNation) #3

Does this make the cut?