Inertia value_min=6.103515625e-05?

The minimum value of inertia inside the Analog Filter is:

What does this number mean?
How to convert it to a normal decimal number?

it’s a floating point value I guess, means nothing, only that it’s small, and no inertia (==0) might sound steppy. There are floating point to decimal converter webpages.

Hi @ffx
Okay. I understand that it is a very low number. Something like this: 0.0000xxxxxx. I wanted to understand the valid range of a parameter. Thank you very much for the help!
For inertia (Analog Filter):

  • value_min=6.103515625e-05
  • value_max=0.0078125


  • value_min=0.0000000xxx (a very low number.)
  • value_max=0.0078125

Maybe it is just a bug, only taktik will know.

No, it’s not a bug. Works correctly. It is simply a very low number which can be operated to add or subtract.

Seen strictly, it should reach 0, what does the automation say at 0? Or is it impossible to reach, too?

0 --> Instant

The range is well built. When applying the automation it is converted to a%, from 0% to 100%, with:

  • 0% --> Instant
  • 100% --> Slow

Each parameter has a different range. It is quite complex to handle them all :grinning:

No, a slider always should range 0…1, and then uses a transfer function to fits the needs. So I would consider this as a bug.

e.g. y = 0.1 + 0.9 * x (=> 0.1 … 1.0)

I don’t know internally how it’s programmed.
Each original range is the one required for each parameter. Later, it adapts to the slider to be able to be controlled. Therefore, it returns very different values for each parameter, with different units of measure (db,%, x, Khz…).

I’ve been manipulating most of the parameters of all the effect devices and everything works fine.

I have only found a problem in the visual selection of the device using: (visual centralized fail)

When changing this value from the tool, the effects device panel should automatically mark and center the selected device. Renoise marks it correctly, but does not center it.

In the track’s DSP devices panel, it does work correctly with: (visual centralized ok)

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