"Ingredients:", a scifi dystopia electro EP

Four songs about computer simulations, hamburgers, gnomes, witches, cannibals, aliens, and all the stuff on the news:

As always, thanks for listening!


Wow, very Depeche Mode :slight_smile: I’m your fan now! Nice voice and arrangement!

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I agree it is really cool except it sounds like a recording of a recording of a recording from 1980, it must be possible to make it sound modern and still keep that old school vibe? is this 8 bit only or something?

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Perfect my friend and great singing also

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Hey, thanks!

Haha, well I did use the LofiMat on a couple of vocal tracks!

Other than that, mixing and production aren’t really my strong points, and my whole recording process is kind of a ghetto setup that works for me but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.

I can assure you that it isn’t 8-bit only, though!

Thanks Stoiximan!

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Well done! Really cool vibes! As Garf mentioned I think it sounds too “lofi” in terms of mixing, eqing and stuff, at least for my taste. I would love to hear more low end, high end, a fat bass and bassdrum etc. Other than that, very cool song.

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Hahaha love this. The synths are great. Really captured that 80s vibe and the tone in your voice is very listenable.

Vocals could sit a bit louder in the mix. They get a bit taken over by the synths. Maybe it’s a case of scooping the mids a little on the synths as the vocals are getting lost little.

When’s the dystopian music vid coming out?

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