Inidividual Manipulation

How do I manipulate a certain note/column etc, without effecting the whole song.

If i want to add something like delay or flanger etc. to a certain note, it ends up effecting the whole column, or If i want, one “set” to be a certain bpm, the whole song changes to that bpm.

my overall question is, how do I change settings more specficially without effecting the whole sequence.

Sorry for the strange wording.

I realize the answers vary for the different taks in which I’m asking


bpm changes are global. tho when you can change bpm as often as you desire. like you can change the bpm at every line of every pattern or something… (but it would still affect the whole song. you can’t have track1 play at 120 bpm and track5 play at 150bpm or something >_>)
same goes for speed settings.

effects are bound to tracks. if you want them to just affect one note column you have to have a track with just one note column or something. you can btw turn every effect on and off whenever you want to. (perhaps that information is somehow useful for you)

There are a few effect commands that only affect the note itself and those effects are inserted into the volume or panning column.
Any other effect either inserted into the effect column or underneath the track (DSP) affects the whole column with exceptions of the MIDI-CC, Velocity and Automate-device which are targeted towards specific instruments.
Depending on what you control with an LFO device, this may only affect a certain instrument only as well.

how do i set different BPM and speeds to specific patterns? kind of resurfacing, but more specific and direct.

thanks so far for the responses. kind of a bummer about the effect status, but oh well.

Sure you can make only one note flanged. Do this: (You need registered version of Renoise)

  1. Enter melody
  2. Add flanger effect to the track.
  3. Select the note you want to be flanged until before next note or decay end.
  4. Click render selection to sample.
  5. Replace the sample.
  6. Remove the flanger effect from track.

Setting BPM and speed are F0XX and F1XX commands. Whole list of commands can be read here:

As Suva set, setting the speed and bpm is done by using the F0xx and F1xx commands, and you can change this at any point in the pattern, though it affects the whole pattern, not just one track.
And it won’t change back to the original speed / tempo in the next pattern if you don’t manually use the same commands to restore the speed / tempo.
Only the initial tempo is preserved during the start of the song.

With effects, if you want them to only apply to one note, the easiest way is to turn the effect off at the beginning of the song, then turn it on again for the length of the notes you want it to affect, turning it off after so as not to bother the other notes. I’ve done this in many tracks, and it tends to be known as “effect gating” (it’s what powers dblue glitch ;) ) … so to turn off/on the effect in question, simply right click the on/off button on the effect in the DSP chain while the pattern cursor is at the location you want to turn the effect on/off.

wow. thanks

Any way you want to.