Init midi CC on song load

Hi there

Using Renoise as sequencer for a lot of external synths it would be really great, if we could have a init midi cc on load. At least option on the song properties.

My use case:

  • Typically only 1, 64 note long pattern with various tracks.
  • CC is set in Renoise on ie. Drums etc. to tune them.
  • Some tracks are default loaded in a mute state. I will unmute/mute tracks using an external midi controller (akai mpd 232) as I build up the song from the tracks sequenced in Renoise.
  • If I start a song an later unmute a track, the cc is not set correct. I have to manually go at “touch” a cc param in the *instr midi control to make the cc have any effect. <- this is the problem I try to solved with this request :slight_smile:

So, to sum it up. Can we have a option in the song properties, to initialize all CC on load?

It really should just use the first CC value for init. This should activate the cc to it’s correct state, so it plays back correctly when a track is unmuted.

I hope to see this feature implemented soon :smiley:


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