Initializing Midi Control DSP sliders from external synth

Hi, I’ll try to explain this as easy as possible:
I have made some pretty complex doofer setups (containing Midi Control DSP devices) so I can more easily automate CC parameters on my external synths.
This works well, at least when the goal is to start from scratch with a clean patch and tweak it from renoise - that way all the sliders and doofers in Renoise will have the correct values according to the values in the external synth.

But when I want to load a new/previously made patch into this setup, it’s getting very cumbersome:

  • now no slider or doofer in Renoise has the right value according to the synth, and I have to kind of “re-dial” the patch in Renoise, which takes a lot of time.

And since these synths are capable of sending midi data,is there ANY way I could make Renoise “listen” for CC and then automatically set the sliders and doofers to reflect the actual patch that is loaded?
The Cornbeast GURU tool is no help here, as it is not working properly in R3.
But I guess I have to involve some MIDI Sysex thingie here, or could it be done in another way?

Any help is appreciated!

maybe a midi map?

Well, there is some which is able to send its parameters when they receive a specific command, whether CC or sysex, but I think this is the equivalent of the analog workflow. Are you seeking this?

Are you referring to Doepfer when you say doofer? If you do, it means I do know what I’m speaking about. Have you tried recording your results before working on another layer of what you did?

hey thanks for the input guys, but sorry i don’t think you quite understand my challenge here. I can’t explain it in a better way though, but I’m starting to suspect that the current workflow i have is the closest i can get to a smooth hardware vs. doofer setup.

Devs: can tou tell me if its possible at all to control DSP sliders from the “outside”, meaning not by using automation or midi mapping, but via midi or sysex?