Inline Samplers?

Do any of you guys know a good VST inline sampler? Preferable one that doesn’t click!
(definition of Inline sampler: an effect that can sample incoming audio, and treat it somehow)

I have been using the JS Mini-sample and Vellocet Reorder for ages, but both are very glitch-ey…some kind of de-clicking feature would be ace!

Does the Renoise sampler click when processing the audio?

Image-Line’s Edison has click free editing:

It’s still part of an FX pack, but it will soon be available as a standalone product. Buying it now, though, would mean getting all the FX plus Edison, what you won’t get once it gets taken out of the package. Image-Line grants you lifetime free updates on whatever it is you purchase.

Renoise does not have an inline sampler. An inline sampler records incoming audio (much like a delay)

Thanks Squeetz I’ll check out the demo!

Yeah sorry, i forgot i can reroute my internal audiocard output back to the line-in so i can sort of emulate this situation.
This is not a default option on every soundcard though, but if you have it, you would not specifically need a separate inline sampler.