Input Coupler/Doubler


I often emphasize multi-sampled breakbeats in the pattern editor by putting a sub’by compressed kick in another track at the same pattern line as the sliced loop kick. Then use that kick track as sidechain channel for a bunch of other tracks to duck to. I do the same doubling up with snares, putting claps or snares in a dedicated track with reverb added for accentuation of the breakbeat snares.

Setting up this kick or snare track sometimes get fiddly with multisampled breaks featuring a bunch of kicks snares, percussion samples, having to remember or enter through the programming in the pattern editor to find out which note is what.

I propose a script wizzard the following:

Have a tool that enables you to say; for every programmed note … of instrument … in track … put instrument … note … in track … at the same line. You could go fancy and add an offset option, for delay kind of effects.

I bet there can be much more uses for this tool than using it for beat samples. Who’s with me? :)

Realtime option for the devs to consider:

It would considerably speed up the work-flow if you could link the keyboard input to more then one sample/vsti out of the instrument list. So if you could link the separate keyboard keys to multiple instruments and define the destination tracks in some kind of gadget that be multi programming heaven!



Mmm, besides the two +1’s in the reputation box it seems like this is a user specific wish :slight_smile:

Maybe it isn’t clear enough, it already exists, or I need to add some better examples?

I think it’s a good idea and could be useful. Whether to have it automatically add the extra note(s) when inputting data, or to process the song on the hit of a button, I’m not quite sure. Maybe some would argue you can mix/render selection and get the layered kick/snare/whatever sound that way and then replace the original instrument but that is obviously a lot more limiting.

I’d say, get both options! :)

A scripted tool for ‘after the fact’-type processing. Superimposing new patterns from existing ones, extracting a selected structure from an existing motive for example. And a real-time kind of ‘progressor’ could be handy for automatically accompanying a played lead melody.

sounds like a cool technique you are using there. wish i knew more about side-chaining and such. :<

i could imagine a simple offset option could be fun too. “offset note copy by x lines”

It is standard volume ducking using a signal follower on the kick track, routed to a hydra that sends the control signal to a bunch of other tracks. Purists will say it is not real sidechaining, but it works for me in that I’m happy with the result :). I think there is a tutorial song that comes with installing Renoise handling sidechaining this way, check it out!

Yes, offsetting in the way that you’d get a delay, but you could also think about offset in note-pitch, so you’d automatically program a melody with a harmonic offset in another track.

ah, yes! i saw that but it was kind of before i knew what ducking and sidechaining was so it was lost on me. will revisit.

do you mean that “real” sidechaning must involve controlling a compressor instead of just volume control?

I forgot about the exact technicalities in the argument, but it indeed had something to do with how it is implemented in specialized compressors yeah :) . I guess thats why it is called a signal follower and not side-chainer in Renoise, a signal follower is much more flexible anyway, as you can route the values to anything.