Input putin output putout / butter cutter putin putter (alt rock, industrial maybe)

Ay up troops

Couple of songs I wrote a while ago, thought I’d post them here.

input putin output putout

butter cutter putin putter

Hopefully the embedded players work this time. My baby is just waking up from a nap so will add lyrics later.

edit; damn it, I am shite at embedding players… Anyone got any tips?


As soon as I heard that, you dusted off my youth when I listened to Steve Albini | with “”“Big Black”"".
Good work.

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Thanks for listening! Great to hear these tunes reminded you of Albini :slight_smile: that’s a real compliment., cheers.

All stuff is really amazing. Congrats.
Is this one man show ?
Lyrics somewhere ?

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Massive massive thanks, your kind feedback genuinely means a lot to me so cheers.

Aye it’s all just me - all parts of all songs written, performed, sung, recorded and mixed by me. Everything was done in Renoise except some vox and guitar tracking which was done in either Ardour or Reaper.

I’ll add lyrics to the original post now :metal:

Edit; added lyrics below instead

input putin output putout
That is not the truth, it’s all a lie
I’m bulletproof so come get some.
I never made it through, I let the past decide
And that is the truth but that is no fun.

Input in, put output out, putout
Now to input Putin to put out.

Overdose on Prozac. You’re an emotional meat rack.
Bleach your skin, attack the Blacks.
And be a good consumer.
But I’m a communist in a world of shame
I want to seize the means to break the game
I want to smash the State at corporate rates.
Our consumer’s fate is output.

They’ll come for you.
Consume. Be silent. Die.
Consume. Be silent.

Your corporation does not exist
You’re just a fictional man
And the late stage capital in your fist
Is falling through your hands.
This is not a joke, this is no game
This is the truth so come get some.
And when nothing’s standing then who’s to blame?
Your input, output, it’s fucking over.

butter cutter putin putter
This situation unfolds.
A dying nation, fool’s gold.
Hesitation, a broken flow.
Our infatuation, broken bones.

A broken promise in your hand
And we’re giving all we can
To this endless, nameless, twisted, dying plan.

Butter cutter, butterfly.
Never stutter, flutter by. Undenied.

And now we’re back where we began.
A place we’ll never understand.
An automation on demand.
A new creation that wasn’t planned.

Butter cutter, learn to fly.
Attempt to land her. Nice try.
And now the cider. It’s too dry.
Attempt to get a taste of the other side.

Can’t let them fall for you, we’re through.
Don’t need this any more than you do.

A state that we can’t comprehend.
A nameless State we can’t extend.
An addiction on the mend.
A dying sun.

Butter cutter, thy kingdom come.
How they had her. How they won.
Cutting fallout - cut and run.
Abandon this incision.

I understand spoken language but singing wrapped in dense bass makes me busy :slight_smile:
Count on me in the fan club :slight_smile: