Input Vst Machine?


Does anyone know any VST instrument that lets you stream outboard audio through VST into Renoise. Renoise does not have input option.

I want to put VST input to VST instrument and then run it through effects in renoise.


So you want to use it as a remixer…
There are a couple of problems in this situation:

It requires realtime recording (which your system can do) but also realtime processing which will for sure cause hickups and stuttering.

You will never be able to sync your live input to your track.
There is a feature request on the WIP page for live audio recording which will be a meta device if developers ever decide to implement this (since this is being listed as very hard to program)
But even if this will be coded, don’t expect you will be able to use live DSP or VST effects upon that meta device.

I don’t know exactly the options in a recording program like Adobe Audition, i’ve seen some realtime effects that can be applied in the list.
I’ve not seen options where you could add VST-effects though.

In most cases realtime effects involve the DX9 sound effects that can be used.

It’s not impossible…
Fa-soft can do it too:
But is it really effective in timing when doing real-time recording AND processing?