"ins Editor" - Trouble With Adsr For Sample Based Ins

Hi all,

I initially had some trouble figuring out the way you apply traditional sampler ADSR to a sampled sound file in RENOISE. I eventually found the Sustain switch and now understand how the envelope is held & released by note on/off messages.

OK thats good but this seems to be an issue for me in the attached Test file. I also have “05xx” (Glide) instructions in this project and this seems to cause problems. In fact it can even silence playback of the track at times. Now I’m lost why this is happening. I can get playback back, if I disable the volume envelope in “INS EDITOR” or removing the GLIDE commands from the FX column.

If your bored, please take a look at the file (very small 298 KB) and let me know where I’m going wrong? Notice how some patterns don’t seem to be triggered at all especially if you loop the pattern.

I’d appreciate any responses…


You should start gliding starting from the point where next note (the note you want to glide to) comes in.

In your example you continue the glides when the instrument has went over the sustain line (you have OFF on the last row).

Aha the penny has dropped!

Thanks SUVA!