Insert FX minimized

I constantly minimize most non-native FX so it would be sweet if there was a check box in their “Plugin Options” to “insert minimized”.

Most non-native FX comes with an empty space area, how about you could open the parameter sliders and click on up to 5-10 or so favorite parameters to show there?

Not exactly what you want, but this tool helps me tidy up the fx lane view, keeping all devices minimized while maxing the selected device. Might be helpful for you?

This tool will automatically only maximize the currently selected DSP in renoise`s DSP lane while minimizing all others. This is to help to keep the DSP lane tidy and keep the currently selected DSP open for editing.
To enable simply right click on a DSP in renoise and choose the option “Auto Maximize Selected Device” from the menu.

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Thanks, yes that’s actually quite nice, super helpful. Ledger is a boss

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