Insert Key? (mac)


Trying out Renoise on my iBook before i register the application. So far i am impressed but i cant seem to get a grip on the pattern sequencer. The shortcutkey to create a new position is “Command + Insert Insert Pos” but i have no Insert key on my ibook. How can i proceed?

Hope my question isnt too noobish for you guys, i promise i have read the tutorials over and over but i might have missed something?

This is the odd thing with Apple Laptops… They have no Insert key nor do they have a Delete key. I do not know a workaround for this. Maybe there is a possibilty to reassign the function to another key within Renoise.

So there is no solution for this? Sure i could add a external usb keyboard but then the portabilty disappears.

Thank you, i changed the keymapping and it works fine now :)

Well, this is not only problem. On my mac, insert key doesn’t do what it is supposed to, but instead when pressing insert I get this questionmark-cursor, and I have no idea what am I supposed to do with it.