Insert Note Off

greetings all!

Getting my head wrapped around renoise… LOVIN IT!

I’m sure I’m going to have a ton of noob questions, like this one.

How do I insert a note off event?

I have:


I want:


Use ‘capslock’ while edit mode is on (toggle ‘esc’).
If you want it to cut shorter than that you can also cut it by using an fx command in the volume / panning column.
(x is cut at tick x)
This last trick won’t work if your speed is set to 1

Excellent! Thanks

The note cut is exactly what I was after.

I end up with something that looks like this now:

C-402 3F
— F4
C-402 3F

I wasn’t aware that it was possible to use note cut on a line after the note, but if it works, then I guess all is fine :)

An alternative is to use a delayed note off (caps lock). Notes and note-offs can be delayed x nr of ticks by putting a Dx in the panning column. Like this:

C-402 3F ..  
OFF .. D4  
C-402 3F ..  

Note cuts can provide different effects, depending how the VSTI / MIDI instrument responds to it. Renoise Instrument just blantly cuts, but VSTI / MIDI responses can be different (using a different release effect or other way of fading out an instrument than using the default fade-out )

You can experiment with this using the Crystal plugin for instance.

I was actually aiming using notecuts on the same line the note started playing.
(if you need a noteoff before the next row is being played)