"insert Scrolling"


You know how you insert hi hats? I mean, if you want them on every 4th line, you choose Edit Step 4, and you find the right position that you want the hi hat to repeat itself, and you keep the key in to insert the hi hat on every 4th line…

It used to scroll down the whole pattern, then, start on the same pattern again, from the top, scrolling down again.

In Alpha3, it won’t start over on the pattern, but just stops at the bottom (Line FF). And I always have to delete this one.

Would be nice to see an option to choose whether or not the “insert-scrolling” should be enabled.

Just a thought :)


in case i got you right, you’re looking for an option which can be altered by pressing Shift+ScrollLock.


Thanks alot!

It worked


But where the hell did you find out?


after running renoise once and exiting some new files are created next to the executable. snoopy people can take a look at KeyboardMapping.xml