"inspiration" Song Feedback

hi guys. i use renoise since the beginning now.

i’ve recently re-registered at forum so tell me what you think of my new trance song “inspiration”. can be found on renoise song page

its kinda D-Trance Gary D style… hope you’ll like it :rolleyes:
i used Warp VST for the bassdrum and Vanguard VSTi for most synths.
maybe just maybe they going to listen this song at id&t records here in the netherlands :lol: so i’m really excited…

i’d moved this message from tips&tricks section “Some Trance Mastering Tips, useful for trance.club,hardhouse etc” to here :)

direct link --> http://www.planet.nl/~jonk0730/inspiration.mp3

I haven’t listened to it yet, but I will… :) How about putting up a direct link here as well…? Think more pople will download it then…

I thought the song is good.
It sounded as professional as any good trance tune in sound quality, and the composing was also nice.

thanx :)

I agree sound quality is very good ( i will study you tips better);
this euro-pop-trance is not my cup of tea, but it s better than most stuff on radio. i guess you should add some vocal if you think to release on Id+t ( good luck!)


i need a female singer :P

mhhh… nice one but not one of your best I heard ;) Base Overdrive is still my fav

Well you need to improve you drums. Some snarerolls, more hihats and additional percussion would do good in the song I think.
Also you could improve the melody around. I miss many things there like some melody variotions, or some neat backround pads/strings/leads to fill the song up. ;)

At all it sounds a bit empty :(

But you´re right with the quality, heh Vanguards Trance Gater just rocks ;)

true :)

yes base overdrive is a nice song… but that one doesnt sound so full either…

and i’m better with melodies then beats… :rolleyes:

Very commercial trance-sound with its genre fitting sounds which most of are far too standard. Especially the volume-hacked string and the melo are used in lot of other tracks. Good are the sharping bass to the beginning and some ideas refreshing the song (2:50). Good arrangement as well; all in all nothing new though.

cie that was my goal :D music for the public