inst.eff.chains' keytrack. not working with note-off samples

The keytrackers in instrument effects chains do not work with note-off samples.

Which is very unfortunate because we would get ‘release’ in the effects chains.

The note-off applies to the triggered note in the specific channel, they are not tied to which note is exactly triggered, hence they don’t work. There is only an “end current playing note” signal being send and which ever note is then playing should be terminated.

For the Renoise Instrument, it would make this a great addition that the note-off and note would be tied together, but for midi and vst instruments, this has no valuable effect whatsoever as you are affecting the complete output channel of the midi/vst plugin and not just one note.

The keytracker right now only responds to note-ons. Indeed could be useful to have an option in the key-tracker to respond to either ons or offs: that would be new-note offs, explicit OFF commands in the pattern and also release samples.