Inst/Vol/Pan/Dly as single data fields

It would be great to have the option to have instrument, volume, pan and delay data inputted into a single data column (each).

What I mean is if you want to for example set a value to 45, you wouldn’t have to set one column to 4 and then navigate to the adjacent one and set that to 5. You would just select the single data field and enter 4 then 5 and it would output 45.

This is how it works in OpenMPT for reference. In my experience it makes navigation and editing a whole lot quicker and less cumbersome.

As always, it was great if this was just an option you could toggle, so people who prefer the current behavior could stick with that.

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(Just in case you didn’t know and maybe not completely what you want) you can hold the shift key down to stop Renoise from advancing down a step when you input 4 and then 5.


Ah, thanks! Yes that helps a little. Not with navigation but at least with data entry :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make the behavior where it automatically jumps to the next data field the default behavior, without having to hold shift?