Instajungle 0.2

Hi all beat butchers,
I posted a new version of InstaJungle today (9th Oct. 2005).
This will hopefully fix some of those crashes. If your patience was not worn thin by the previous vesion, you can download version 0.2 here.

Also, for those of you who have been wanting some kind of Gantz Graf fx in your tracks, I made a switch for disabling tempo sync for loop points. It will probably need refinement, but have a go. You might like.

good work :)

i wish i had the skills to code like you guys… :)

I only had a quick play with v0.1 the other day, and don’t think it was working like it probably should.

Whenever I turned on one of the faders I would get the last note played repeating at whatever speed etc set in the glabal parameters. Trying to turn on another fader would do anything unless set to faster, and then it would take over and from the first one entirely.

The way I kind of imagined it should work is with the original signal going through all four path (which each really need the controls that are in the global area) so once you turn one on you get that repeated, then turning another on would add it’s own taking it’s input from the input of the effect (which wouldn’t be audible as it’s repeating the first set.) This way you could add in and take away different beats at different speeds and setting, changing to add whichever sound from your break track.

Hope that makes sense, and maybe that’s how it was meant to be working and just wasn’t ;)

Will give this version a try within the next few days :)

ar. yes, it doesn’t do that, but that is an interesting idea. I’ll keep it in mind for a future version.
For the moment, the first 4 parameters are buttons which freeze the same buffer, repeating a slice according to it’s respective length and position. Hard to explain… I need to write some good doco.

Thanks for having a look!

As the main few shaping parameters seemed to be global I found it hard to get many good effects out of it with the quick play I had, as making the different buffers different without containing beats in the same places is hard. Maybe I just didn’t understand how to use it.

Please do think about what I said above as I think it could make for a very interesting type effect ;)

Ok, sorry about the lack of doco, so here’s a quick run-down.

First and foremost, you’ll need a midi controller. Preferably one with sliders/knobs and buttons.

Now map “button 1” and “button 2” to buttons on your controller, and “button 1 value” and “button 2 value” to knobs.

Then map Speed and Quantize to knobs as well. Map Reverse to a button.

Finally, and most importantly, map position to a slider (preferably) or a knob if you have no sliders.

Now play some beat synced audio though InstaJungle (drum loops for starters). Hit button 1 after a couple of bars. Move “button 1 value” knob. The audio will repeat in slices of length according to this value.

Now move the position slider. This lets you choose where in the buffer the slice will play from, automatically tempo locked.

Try a few more things, and use both button1 and button 2 to switch between slice length values quickly. The toggle parameter will let you choose how buttons operate (either like individual buttons, or instant toggling).

Smoothing is the number of samples the edges of slices are cross-faded over. Low smoothing makes glitchy cuts, high makes smooth transitions (good for granulating).

Sync Slice Start and Sync Slice Length both allow you to enable/disable tempo sync on the slice position and length respectively. Make some uber glitch/granulizing with either/both of these disabled.

Quantize will basically specify what quantize value the position of the slice will snap to. The absolute quantize value is the maximum of Quantize and the slice length.

That’s pretty much it. Hope it helps.

Cheers for the notes

/me needs to get a midi controller :-/