"Instajungle" Effect Without Vst ??

hey renoisers ! ^_^

im looking for a way to recreate that “instajungle” retrigger effect somehow without using the VST ? (i’ve recently migrated to linux) i’ve tried fiddling with the delay and stutter effects but it’s not really happening :confused:

this would be perfect for live midi control usage !

any suggestions or info ?

thanks !!

Have you tried the commands Ex and the sample offset command 09xy?
for the xy value in the 09 command, click on where you want the loop to start in the sample window and use the value that’s displayed.

and you wouldnt need midi as you could program on the fly.

the speed of the retrigger would depend on the LPB and BPM.

which you could also change on the fly if you’re good enough,… but i cant recall the bpm changing command off hand.

You could use retrigger, 09XX and bpm or LPB commands at the same time.

Using interpolation types track wide with the commands.

would pretty much need to make a seperate song to do this, and render the output.

the BPM and/or LPB commands interpolated along the pattern would allow nice stretches.

Depending on how your usage of insta-jungle was, it could get very complex.
Just thinking about that with all the variations is tough, all of it can be done though.

retrigger, 09XX, bpm or LPB commands and interpolation types.

Like everyone else said, a mix of 09XX and 0EXY can give great results.

There’s also glitch vst which has a retrigger effect, you can combine it to the stretch effect for great results…

There’s effectrix vst… copied dblue’s glitch but it’s a nice OS X alternative to glitch.

I know you said no vst, but you might want to check these out.

He said Linux, not OSX.

A simple way would be using the block repeated/loop mode. Set it to something quite small and if you have small patterns will give you something similar to the basic repeat. Don’t know if this is MIDI mapable with Set so you can easily change block sizes or not. Unfortunately this will always affect the whole song and not just a selection of tracks (and not of the other, aditional functionality like changing pitch and moving through the slice.)

Also Scripting will open up live manipulation of pattern data so things will hopefully get more interesting in this way natively in the future.

ok thanks for answers everyone

yes but can i turn this on and off ? :wacko:

yes but can i turn this on and off ? :wacko:

you can turn it off with a note-off you are in complete controll of the 09XX and 0EXY you just put it in where you want it,you are in complete controll

I think what he meant is have it play normal when he wants.

Unless things have changed since 2.1 yes you can, but it’s quite fiddly. Use three patter effect columns, leave the first one empty and put 09xx and 0exx in the other two. When you hide the effect columns containing the pattern commands they will stop being executed. Don’t think you can expand/collapse the effect column without fiddly mouse button presses though…

Or maybe I’m the one who is confused…

exactly !

i have a loop of straight bass kicks 4/4

i want to flip a switch on and off for X2, another switch (or parametre) for X4 ect, with a midi controller, live.

  • doom doom doom doom
  • doomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoomdoom
  • dkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdk
  • drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

but yeah i just read kraken/gore’s thread about the stutter depreciation affair (in beta testing forum) so i guess ill just be patient and hope this will be possible in the futur ;)

Stutter will (hopefully) come back in one way or another. Although currently it is just hidden and can still be added to your track with a little trick.

You could also use multiple patterns and jump between them for different stutter effects, or multiple tracks and work the Solos/Mutes.

None of it perfect obviously but a few work arounds if you are just doing the basics and other sounds are coming from different sources (or even if not.)