Install vst3 plugins

My renoise 3.2.1. does not see half of the plugins. Not sure exactly what files are installed in vst3 format, but it seems to ignore most of them. For example, I cannot find TR-909.vst3 or Vital.vst3 or Trackspacer25.vst3 in the list.
I’m scanning from a folder with symlinks that I created for ableton. There is a huge list in the log with ‘Instantiate FAILED (DLL is no VST Plug)’. But even in the logs there are no plugins with the vst3 extension.

Did you enable VST3 plugins?

Also where are you searching for the plugins? Vst’s are in the track dsp tab and vsti’s in the the plugin tab of the instrument editor.

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Hi. There is no that button in 3.2.1
I found this topic, but now even if i manually change directory to default …/common files/vst - no result.

Both. Its looks like they similar.

I’m on Linux, sorry.

Renoise 3.3 or newer required for VST3 support. Just grab 3.4…

Thank you. But for now, I live in the “land of opportunity”. Someday, perhaps, I will be technically able to pay for a digital product.

That is, earlier versions simply do not support vst3? Is it so?

Again, VST3 support starts at v3.3…


Could be that Renoise 3.3 doesn’t support VST3.

Do you own a valid Renoise license?

If so, which version did you first purchase?

You can always visit to download updates.

If you’re not sure what you have, then just private message me your licensed name and email address, so that I can check your license details and see if you have access to the latest versions with VST3 support. (Perhaps you’ve changed emails since then, and have simply lost access, for example.)

Oh yeah, that’s right!

I would love to buy renoise license, but I was born in Russia.

We have many other licensed Russian users.

Perhaps you’re still using an old demo version of Renoise?

If so… The latest demo version is 3.4.2 which should hopefully solve your VST3 issue:

We have many other licensed Russian users.

TY. When I get a chance, I will buy a license through my friends from Ukraine.

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