Installation on Linux

hello i’m a complete newbie on linux so i have any questions:i have install renoise on my pc with ubuntu 12.04 studio 64 bits, i have installed renoise and another lsoftware
; it’s done but they didn’t appear on my menu of software ,every soft that i have install with the ubuntu logitheque appears but not the soft that i install manually

thank’s in advance for your answers ostro

ps:renoise is really install cause i see my song with the renoise icone and when i clic on a song renoise start

how did you actually install Renoise? did you open a terminal in the directory where you have put the file you have downloaded and then typed

sudo sh ./  


otherwise, the program is not completely installed and that’s why you don’t see the menu icon

Renoise can be installed on various Linux flavours and they don’t share a uniform linking pattern in the windows manager (besides not sharing a uniform pattern of application groups/folders).
Hence you would have to create a shortcut yourself.
For installing and running you can find the answers here:

Actually they do. There is a Freedesktop standard which specifies the creation of .desktop files in /usr/share/applications to identify installed applications, and these are used to populate the application menus on all modern desktop Linux platforms including Ubuntu. Renoise installs such a file so it should appear in the application menus like other applications. A manual shortcut would only be needed if Renoise was installed in the home directory instead of system-wide.

to install i write chmod +x renoise.-2-8-2 et cetera and after sudo and the same directory and he says that he is installed