Installed Serum through Splice - does not show up in list of VSTs


I have decided to get Serum via rent-to-own, I installed it via Splice desktop app, updated it, made sure to install both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions just in case. The Serum_x64.dll is in the folder that Renoise is pointed to for VSTs:


However, even when double checking the folder is set correctly in renoise:


Serum does not appear in the list of Plug-ins:


Can anybody point me in the right direction for a resolution please? This is a little frustrating. Thanks.


Peek 2021-05-19 15-37

Why are you pointing a VST2 path to the VST3 folder, you don’t have to do that as the VST3 plugins are found automatically when checking the “Enable VST3 plugins”, maybe that cause some issue?

You could try remove that erroneous path and do a rescan? maybe you have to go into the preference folder and remove the CachedFailedVSTs files first. (click HELP → Show Preference folder)

Thanks both for posting.

Firstly, Serum isn’t showing up here:


Serum is a VST 2 plugin so the folder Renoise is pointed at is correct. With VST3 Steinberg wrote the protocol or whatever it is to look in Program Files/Common Files/VST3 for plugins, so that folder is also correct. 'll try deleting the CachedFailedVSTs file next thanks.

Deleting the file fixed it immediately. You’re a life saver, thanks.

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The folder path is correct but the point is that you don’t have to make a path for VST3 as the “Enable VST3 plugins” will find it automatically, that’s just how VST3 works, so in your case you are technically pointing to the same folder twice.

Ooh I’m sorry mate, I was mistaken about what you meant. Apologies if my response seemed terse, thanks for the heads up.

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