Installing Reaper in ubuntu 19

I am a newey, I like to install the beta option of Reaper in ubuntu 19, in te Cockos page ( ) I can download a “build” ( I don’t know what is it) that include a script to install, but I cannot do it;
Someone can help me in a step by step way to install it?
I 'll be most agreee

Than You in advance

You don’t have to install it at all. Just launch the reaper in the REAPER folder. But if you want, open the terminal and run ./, then you will have several options to choose. You also have two options to install: globally or just for the current user. I recommend you to install it only for the current user in the home directory.

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… install it in ~/opt (option 2) in your home and don’t use superuser rights.

You might have better luck finding step by step guides on installation on the REAPER forum.

Also, the Reaper user guide

thank you very much at all, fynally I can do it!!!