Installing Renoise


i have just purchased renoise and i have a few questions:

  1. i used a cracked version before (2.0.0), do i have to completely deinstall it or can it be overwritten by the new installation??

  2. do i have to install the latest stable release (2.6.1) and then the new 2.7 upgrade afterwards, or can i immediately install the 2.7 version?

thanks. i assume i have to deinstall the old Renoise 2.0.0?

i don’t understand. does that mean there will be 2 seperate programs after installing the new renoise? i was just asking to make sure i dont do something wrong because the old renoise is cracked and is not registered under my name…

thanks, that was very helpful. yes i think i will wait a little, if no one has anything else to say on this then i will simply install the new renoise and delete the old afterwards.

Hi, I am new, too.
Why opening a new thread if there’s already one ;)

Okay, I am on linux (gent00).
My installtion dir is some kind of /usr/local/share/renoise-2.6.1
There is programm data and samples, themes and all the stuff located.
When updating in the future there will be a renoise-2.x.x folder next to the current one.
Will the samples still remain in the first folder?
I am planning to have this a little bit structured.
I bought the full version and will place the sample kit there, too.
So I am looking for a nice place, where I can keep it.
I could even make a symlink into my home directory.
What could be a got solution?
Thanx from Germany

Renoise 2.7.0 beta 1 has expired today.

when i download and install the most recent 2.7.0 beta 5, will my computer be able to differ between the different beta versions?

also, is renoise not able to upgrade itself to the newest version? or do i have to download and install every version every time???

by default, all betas of 2.7 install in the same folder. you can simply change the installation folder to have all different beta versions on your system.
also, Renoise has no built-in upgrader, so yes, you have to download and install every version every time. i’m not sure why the devs choose that particular method, but i can imagine it was to allow people to, for example, have different betas running side by side.

thanks for replying rhowaldt.

okay, so i assume it will delete the previous beta if it installs in the same folder!? will the new installed beta apply the settings of the previous one? i just know this will be so if you install a complete new version, but i don’t know what happens if the version number stays the same.

i wouldn’t want to be the settings of my expired beta 1 overwritten because i created a very very nice theme in there but forgot to save it!!!

you can overwrite the old beta with the new one at no risk

thanks, it worked :)

Pure for security reasons, don’t expect this to become a reality.
An auto upgrader would require extra code to allow you log in using HTTPS protocol and this comes with riscs if this isn’t implemented correctly.

You still have to log in manually to the backstage to get your registered copy.

@vV: in case you misunderstood my sentiment: i do not hope for an auto-updater to become reality, nor was my comment meant to criticize the way things are currently working. i like the way it is right now. simply speculating on the reasons why the devs chose to do it this way, and provide ripley with an explanation.

I noticed when reading more closer, i indeed have held it up against the wrong light.
Thanks for the update.

cheers rhowaldt and vV :)

@vV: no biggie!
@ripley: no problem!