Installing tools by dragging to window - Ubuntu 24.04 Renoise 3.4.4


Ubuntu 24.04
Renoise 3.4.4 x86_64

I am unable to install any tool by dragging the .xrnx to an open Renoise window. Nothing happens when the file is dropped on the Renoise window.

If I open the .xrnx with Renoise the tool installs fine. However this does not work when tools are not properly wrapped (e.g. Unless tools like command palette, line grab, beat select etc) as these just appear in a standard folder format accessible by a standard file browser.


I have realised I can drag these folders to the tools directory to install them, but the issue remains that the documented functionality to install tools by dragging them to a Renoise window doesn’t work.

I can drag my tool folders onto Renoise and they install fine (using X11 with i3 on Linux). Maybe you are dragging from a zip preview instead of an extracted folder and that’s acting up?

In any case, you can also find my tools individually packaged on my manual page (select a tool and scroll down for an .xrnx download).

I haven’t tested this, but drag and drop between Wayland and X11 applications (such as Renoise) might still be problematic?

In any case, it wouldn’t hurt to add an “Install Tool…” menu item in Renoise so that we don’t have to rely on the drag-and-drop support from the WM.

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Thanks for your respose. I just tried again, and I was defintely not dragging from an open zip window, but from an extracted folder. There is no message from Renoise to say that a tool was installed. Thank you for the link to .xrnx files Unless.

I’m using the latest Ubuntu LTS release, which is Wayland based which is prob where the issue is as Taktik mentions in his reply.

Thanks Taktik, might be yeah - any likelihood of Renoise becoming native Wayland in the future you reckon?