Installing Vst In Linux

ive read the linux faq thouroghly,but when i move the vst folder in the VST_PATH renoise
doesnt pick it up?their not linux native vst’s their windows vst’s,im hoping to use them with dssi-vst
wich i have using zenwalk gnome 6.0.1,any help would be appreciated!
Rick :blink:

i know this is not what your looking for,but i used to use renoise through wine,that way i could use almost every of my vstis and vsts in linux. :D

but i dont fire up my linux partition that much anymore

hmmm…hadnt thought of that!
i’ll give it a try!
Rick :yeah:

I use LMMS for my VSTi ^_^

renoise for Linux does not support DSSI format