Instant Song Stopping When Pressing Panic Button

Now when the cpu load is something like 99% and the song still barely plays without gaps, it’s very hard to stop the song either by pressing spacebar or panic button. The panic button doesn’t get pressed and you get best results when holding spacebar down and pray for the song to stop. In earlier renoise versions the panic button would respond more easily than in v.1.8. So I was thinking if you could fix this so that panic button and stop song command have a higher priority? I have 1.7 GHz processor, so many songs have heavy parts and editing gets a bit harder when you can’t stop the song. Cpu overload protection is not good as it stops the song even if it’d play without gaps. Is this just a problem on my computer or is anyone else experiencing this problem?

The CPU overload threshold functionality in the audio preferences has been made for these situations.
It should function properly.
It’s either your song being stopped by Renoise or choosing to have a lower response if you turn this feature off.

Have you considered using a freezer like freezeFx? or disabling certain channels to lower the overload?
Have you mingled with the sample-playrate? A lower playrate also reduces CPU load
Also the quality mode in the song settings can lower cpu usage if you toggle certain options:

But i would go for the lower playrate in the audio preferences (32Khz or 22Khz)

Thanks for the lower samplerate tip. I think I’ll use it. FreezeFx is new to me, gotta search and see what it does. Disabling channels works when you want to tweak some of the tracks but when it comes to final mixing of the song i really need all the tracks enabled at the same time.