Instant Sub-bass / Waveforms Presets

i’d like, well, not like - but would LOVE to see this. and when you click one, it’s automaticly foward-looped.

doesn’t have to be in that style of menu, you could have just the word ‘Basic waveforms’ then a left > arrow thing to side-menu with those waveforms on.

Preset waveforms could be handy but I would prefer more drawing tools like line, parabola, circle, rectangle etc. Maybe even some way of creating waveforms out of calculations so that I could “draw” perfect sinewaves, “weirdwaves” and whatnot.

Make your own small collection of waveform samples and load them. Thats already something like a preset, isn’t it?

If we offer something like you suggested, then it should be a very small synth with a small set of parameters…

there are a bunch of basic chiptune waveforms in Renoises instrument folder already, butka suggestion gets a +1 from me.

he gets a +1 from me to

Scandinavian Power!!!

What about a small additive synth …something like a 64 partial generator to create some complex waveforms , :dribble:

+1 and +1


I really dont get it. Whats the problem with importing samples to get the same result? That you have to create or search for them?

I don’t get it either. This feels like the type of suggestion that, if ever implemented, just opens up a can of worms in the form of more demands for stuff that amounts to developing a full native synth inside Renoise. With the amount of existing synths and waveform generators out there, I can’t even understand the motive of the suggestion. :unsure:

This issue could be partially resolved by having some sort of preset manager inside Renoise… the only time I’ve ever wanted to generate a sin wav is when I’ve been too lazy to find the sin wav sample/instrument that’s sitting in some random folder on my HD

I’ve got a shitload of single cycled waveforms …jsut assign the folder destination to a shortcut and there you go …but it would be nice to see some enhancements in the waveformeditor to make the drawing easier , the addition of beziercurves drawing tools or something …A simple 64 ( or more …but you can achieve alot with just 64 harmonics ) partial generator would be great to create waveforms …it doen’t have to be asynth …just an offline signalgeneratorr inside the waveformeditor

More drawing features in the sample editor would be useful if renoise would ever get some kind of amplitude demodulator device (device that reads a .wav and sends out values according to amplitude). You could draw elaborate envelopes in the sample editor to send out control messages to other devices, similar to drawing an envelope in the lfo editor but with more possibilities. I should go in-depth probably for this to sound clear here, less vague, but can’t be bothered :wink: