Instantly change pitch of a sliced/multisample instrument

Hello all,

Can’t figure out how to do this.Say you have a sliced break, and want to pitch down one slice in the pattern. You could use the D patter command, put there’s always a slide. Is there a way to change the pitch instantly?


The simplest way to achieve this currently is to set ticks to 1 - this will cause the D and U commands to become instant.

However, there is a downside - you will loose interpolation overticks. So if you’re relying on other tick-dependant commands, they might sound strange as a result.

A more complex/flexible way would be to map the sliced sample to a phrase and trigger that instead.

Don’t forget to ensure that the phrase is set to use sample columns (makes it ignore the instrument keyzone).

Then you can trigger with any note, and specify which sample/phrase to trigger, using the Zxx command.

I do this via pitch modulation. route the sample(s) you wish to transpose to an extra modulation set, and in its pitch modulation map something to a macro. then you can automate this macro (via inst macros device) to change pitches. To get accurate pitching with pattern commands you will need a little math while setting up things, then you can even tune it perfectly to your demand.

Thanks, learned a lot going through these :slight_smile: