"Instr. index" of doofer macro device gets reset when loaded as presets

R3.2.1 W10. To load a .XRNT file (chain device) with one Doofer that contain a *Instr. Macros, your value index for Instr. is ignored. I should also change it.

The reference line inside the xml format file:

inside the <InstrumentMacroDevice type="InstrumentMacroDevice">

For example: SMC (Doofer & 2x LFO).xrnt (10.5 KB)
the index value for “Instr.” it should be 4, but it says N/A

This not ocurr with a .XRDP format (single device).

A related issue: From the API we do not have access to the parameters of the device that is inside a doofer. For example, it is not possible to change this instrument index value from the API, because the *Instr. Macros device is inside the doofer.

This is done on purpose. All references to “some other” instruments, tracks or devices are cleared in device presets when loading the preset, because the other instrument isn’t saved along with the preset. In most cases such external links would simply be broken when applying the preset.

I see.

Seeing this a bit in depth, would it be possible for the API to give access to the Macros configuration without linking them in the modulation or effect chains of the instrument? That is, instead of using modulation or the chain of effects, there is a third “hidden” way: link it in some way with a window tool.

I think that basically, macros should be released and with the possibility of changing the name. With these two things it could be used directly with tools. It would also be great to have more macros per instrument, at least 16.