Instr Midi Control On Startup

I have set up a few Instr MIDI Control devices to control my hardware synthesizer. Every useful parameter is mapped to my BCR2000. I can call a program on my synth and edit some parameters, but here is where the hassle start.

Since the bug fix that makes Instr MIDI Control devices send CC on startup, I’ll need to go through a few steps to get my sound back when I load the song the next time.

I could save as a new program and remove all Instr MIDI Control devices. If I don’t want to automate or change anything.

I could try to remember which parameters I edited and remove the rest. But I’d have to add them again if I’d like to tweak more.

I could try to set all the remaining sliders to match the program, which could be difficult.

If the synth has this feature it could send a snapshot of all parameters to Renoise. Seems a bit complex but perhaps doable.

I could try to find a VSTi that control the synth and hope it works.


A small feature could be implemented into Renoise. One that disables selected parameters in the Instr MIDI Control device from sending CC on startup. If you don’t use programs you’d want all parameters to be sent, but if you do, you’d only want the edited parameters to be sent. So when you call a program, all parameters in linked Instr MIDI Control devices would be disabled from sending CC on startup. Moving or automating a slider would enable CC on startup again. Simple.

There was this part where Renoise doesn’t send automation or effect parameter values if follow mode is turned off (it detaches the player position and cursor position), but i don’t know if this helps out much…

So I could enable this behaviour some way?

But, no it wouldn’t help much.


Finally found the topic where Taktik does some explanation about Midi control behavior but the desire in that topic is the exact opposite of what you suggest however:

Yes I did read that, and commented too.

And it’s not really an opposing wish… As Jurek was using automation to send initial values to his synth (or to send “new initial values” - resetting the sound after changing something on the synth). I agree with his suggestion that point automation should be sent even if the slider already is on that position. I used to set initial values with automation as a “workaround” before the “CCs not sent on startup” bug was fixed… Which in turn cause this new problem of called programs being “destroyed”.

I’m a bit worried by the lack of response and understanding. Maybe I’m not communicating my wish good enough, or maybe there aren’t that many who use hardware synths with Renoise, at least not the way I do? Or maybe they just don’t frequent the board very much…

To clarify… I want Instr. MIDI Control to send CC on startup only from sliders/parameters that have been moved or automated since calling/changing a program from the linked Ext. MIDI instrument. If programs are not used, all parameters would be sent, like now. End.

This would make it possible to call a program on a synth AND have Instr. MIDI Control all mapped and ready to use, even if you don’t use all parameters in a particular song.

Or if there is a better way to accomplish this, lets start the discussion! I imagine it to be such a minor thing that could be implemented into the next update possibly.


Would it be possible to also add a way to disable a slider/parameter individually from sending anything without removing the CC number? Like you can with pitch bend, pressure and prg-change.

This way you can map all the synth parameters, save as a template and disable the ones you’re not using in a song. No need to read the manual to figure out which CC number you need to enter each time you want to automate something.

(Also, making that on/off button MIDI mappable would be super!)

Lately, I have been spending some time with my trusty old drum machine, and I think I understand what you mean by this.

But how about this: you create your MIDI-CC device preset, which would include - per parameter - which ones should automatically be sent on startup - possibly, by having an extra checkbox next to each parameter.
On top of this, we could have a button which would send the same set of parameters (the checked ones), but whenever you feel like it.

So instead of relying on “moved or automated” parameters, simply specify them manually - wouldn’t this be a reasonable compromise?

As for the automated values being sent on song position changes - it’s always possible to disable this feature entirely in Renoise prefs -> update automation on song-position changes


Yes that would work. Checkbox or on/off buttons would provide kinda the same function - disabling from sending at startup.

As for the send manually - I personally don’t have much use for it, but Taktik seemed open to adding the function in the topic I linked.

The “moved or automated” suggestion isn’t necessary. I was thinking it could be very convenient when using a MIDI controller, not having to click the checkbox for each parameter you edit. Cause when a instr MIDI control parameter is edited - it’s synced with the synth, and you probably want it to send on startup the next time. But I was thinking that this functionality could easily be achieved if the checkboxes were MIDI-mappable. Doing it manually though, would beat having to remap CC’s each time. Making things mappable and accessable through the API is the way to go IMO.

Automation that updates on song-position has never bothered me. I prefer it like that.