Instrument and Plug-Ins Set to a Track


I haven’t used Renoise for a while and when I opened an old song I recorded it sounds correct but when I switch between tracks I can’t see the settings for that track.

For example, a track has a synth with several plug-ins and plays as I set it a year ago, but when I click on the track in the pattern editor I don’t see those settings, rather it stays on the drum instrument (or whatever is selected in the instrument panel in the top right) and does not show the plug-ins playing on that track.

If I remember correctly when I used to use renoise I could switch between tracks and would see the instrument/plug-ins selected for that track.

I’m using Renoise 3 on a mac. It was probably recorded in 2 or 1.



There is no relationship “as such” between instruments and tracks in Renoise. You can put place notes from an instrument into any track you’d like. It would seem you already know this - having multiple plugins inside the same track is not really something you normally do in a DAW.

Nevertheless, if you had the instrument automatically switch as you changed tracks you probably either had “auto-capture” enabled(Options > Auto Capture Instrument From Pattern), or you had installed some script that does the same thing.

Auto-capture is just a very loose coupling between tracks and instruments. It requires one or more notes to exist in the track (in each pattern) before it will work.