Instrument Automation Saves Nothing As Preset

ok, i load VST-Tau as an instrument.

I put Instrument-Automation on that track assigning to the vst-plugin.

i put decay/cutoff/q/envmod as first 4 parameters.

i adjust the parameter-values to my needs. Lets say 1547msdecay/52%cutoff/15%q/41%envmod

I save the instrument-automation preset to lets say “tau-init”

i change parameter-values

i reload preset.

parameters remain to the changed value, and it doesnt restore the value i saved.

However it saves the order of the Parameters i decided.

Should’t it save the values aswell ?

Hmmm, just tested this out and it’s still working as described above. Is the preset in this case really only supposed to save the parameter selection, but not the parameter values?