Instrument Automation With Native Instruments Kontakt 5

If I insert the meta effect “Inst. Automation” on a track, I can normally find a lot of parameters to control with automation. For example, in Nexus I could control everything from cutoffs to attack times.

In Kontakt (version 5), in some libraries, I can’t find any parameters to control. With Kontakt, the parameters are just called 001, 002, 003 (and so on)… these numbers doesn’t control it’s own midi control number either (then I should be able to control the mod wheel which would be on 001 for example, but I can’t).

3536 instrautomation.jpg

It is however possible to control Kontakts midi controls through the patterns track effect column. It works all fine, but, at least when I am doing this, it’s not possible to make smooth envelopes (it is controlled in steps). In this picture I’m controlling the mod wheel which is on midi control number 1:

3537 automation-modwheel.jpg

So, to make a smooth envelope, I guess I have to do this in the automation editor, but how?

instead of using the automation device use the midi device and teach kontakt midi cc numbers

Exactly what phuture said, you need to assign CC numbers to the paramaters you want automated in Kontakt. You can do this by right clicking a knob/slider or using the “auto” tab inside Kontakt. Once you have the cc numbers assigned, use the midi device in Renoise for automation.

Of course… Meta device “Instr. Midi Control”… then choose CC and number 1 for mod wheel. Works perfect. Thank you!

Not important when I have this, but is it possible to make a smooth envelope using the pattern’s track effect column?

The track effect columns don’t have enough resolution to do very smooth envelopes, but you can use Inertia sliders on most Renoise effects to smooth it out. There’s even an inertial slider device somebody posted on this forum a while back for effects that don’t have built-in inertia.

you can also use the lfo (with custom curves) to run the cc’s