Instrument cuts off suddenly on a specific line if not solo'd

Brief Description: This bug (I assume it’s a bug) just started suddenly today on a song I am working on. In a specific pattern (Pattern #16) of my song, at line 31, my bass will cut off suddenly when the track is not solo’d, but when solo’d it continues as normal. This only occurs with my current instrument on this one pattern in this one track. All other tracks are muted so I don’t think it’s phase related. I copy/pasted the pattern from elsewhere in the track and it repeated the behavior. This same pattern is used throughout the song and this issue only occurs on Pattern #16, it works as intended everywhere else. Additionally, the playhead continues to move forward on the sample waveform so it isn’t stopping play suddenly to my knowledge. I have also tried copying the track and using that and the issue persists.

Steps to reproduce: Play the song linked here starting from Pattern #16 with the bass (the track is titled simply “Bass” and is colored deep blue) on (but not solo’d). Everything else is muted. Then play Pattern #16 with the bass solo’d and see the difference. Note that the instrument (Instrument 09) will cause this issue at the same line regardless of pitch or when it begins play, as long as it plays before Line 31.

Find the file here

Hope it’s a me problem and not my file so I can learn what not to do!

On Pattern Sequence 16, on Pattern Line 32, in Track “Drums > Breaks> Main Break”, you have a D#3 09 note… which is the same instrument 09 that’s used in your “Bass” track by the instrument 09 “Sassy Sub”.

Your 09 “Sassy Sub” instrument has a DSP FX chain enabled in it (perhaps by accident, since it seems to be doing nothing?) which is then forcing Renoise to route its output through a single track/channel at any given time…

So when this random note in your drum track/channel is triggered, it’s actually stealing the instrument output from the bass track/channel since the drums are first (and therefore “higher priority” than the bass).


Probably just a random typo that caused it… But if you either delete the random bass note from your drum track, or delete the useless DSP chain from your bass instrument, then it should fix the problem.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, K.

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate the thorough investigation into this, I’m really glad that it’s just me. I’ll be sure to keep things a bit more tidy going forward :slight_smile:

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No worries, bruv. Keep up the badman sound :slight_smile:

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