instrument (drum kit) with effect chain becomes mono

This is probably the stupidest problem, but I’m trying to learn Renoise 3 and I created an drum-kit instrument (5 different samples on different keys). If I add an effect-chain it still works as intended, until I put drums in different tracks in a pattern and play that back. When I do that only one drum at a time sounds, as if the instrument is no implicitly mono (although of course the mono setting is still off). So playing the keys manually I can still hear two drums at the same time, but when playing the instrument in a pattern (drums each in their own track) the samples cut each other off so only the last one played is heard.

It is not big deal because I have the drums each on their own track anyway, so I can just add the effects as in old times, but I would like to know what I do wrong and what it is about the effect-chains I should know.

OK, I can answer myself. I found this in the user manual:

“Instruments that make use of sample FX Chains can, likeplugin instruments, only be played on a singletrackat a time.”

Yes, that is unfortunately a current limitation of the first implementation of instrument FX, that will hopefully be removed in the next update.