Instrument + Dsp Chain = True

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If this feature is already there please let me know, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was possible to save renoise intruments (xrni) together with a DSP chain?

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i know you can save dsp chains in 1.9, and i know you can save instruments… maybe just call the dsp chain file the same thing as the instrument?

a simple workaround.

Yes I know DSP-chains and instruments can be saved in separate files, but I’m looking for the option to save them together. To save one “instrument with effects” in two files is IMO really complex when handling alot of instruments. Would be much better to save one “multi instrument” instead of saving 100 DSP-chains and 100 instruments with the ‘same’ name.

It’s a long workaround

thought about that a while ago too, so +1 from me.

actually I would also like to be able to save chunks of the dsp chain, like an effect and its LFOs. Or also save an instrument with it’s DSP chain and the dsp chain of the sendchannel it goes to …

yes +1, have mentioned this before aswell…

Well I’ve been trying to say that. And the again would be nice to load those chunks into dsp chain without destroying the existing chain.

I don’t think that saving dsp chains with instruments is really good idea tho. Could lead to more confusion cuz dsps are track-binded and not instrument-binded. It’s like renoise is one huge mixer itself and those dsps are like insert effects. But for everyone as they like, wouldn’t personally use this feature much I guess, not at least if we get improved xrni structure with velocity sensitive envelopes and lfos and stuff like that.

Best solution imho would be instrument effects that might well come with xrni 2g. Don’t know how wise it is to make such temporary workarounds but as said I’m not a coder so I don’t know if this would be any work at all.

So would they be loaded in the track where the cursor currently is at? Or would loading pop up a window asking destination? Or would a new track be created? Should saved instruments with dsp chain have different extension so they could be told from instruments without? Or should Renoise save both xrni and xrnt file and then automatically load both if ones with same name are found (best solution imho, leaves you free to use dsp chain independently)? Should one have and opiton NOT to load the chain even if it exists? How this would be made possible? Should prehear instrument function play the dsp’s too (of course I guess?)? Should send devices be excluded?

There’s some questions and thoughts in forms of questions. Be free to go on with discussion.


I really can’t imagine know how this could lead to more confusion. To save one “superlead_with_effects” must be more easy and definitely less confusing than saving one “superlead1” and one “effects_to_superlead1”.

If I would like to use my “superlead_with_effects” with other effects It’s not more complicated to load it, remove the effects and put some new effects into it. It’s simple as h*ll.

Seriously, this could not be so very hard to implent. I think the most of us would use it…

Edit: I don’t want to drop the option to save a DSP-chain, this feature is gold. I just wanna add “Intrument + DSP”

There could be DSP-chains for tracks as well as for instruments, why not?

I also like this idea. +1
Would save a lot of time when I for example use up my Hardware synth Korg MS2000 via midi otherwise I have to:

  1. Chose the correct device in the Midi properties.
  2. (Partially Optional) Set the correct bank and program number.
  3. Call up a Line-in device on the desired channel.
  4. Set the correct in channel on the Line-in device.
  5. Set various amp-levels and add effects.

The same goes for every hardware midi-instrument I guess.

If I could save all this as one instrument it would save a lot of time. All the work it takes makes it almost pointless to use hardware. But still… it is sometimes by far more fun to use your hands to tweak sounds as it all happends :)

Hey you got some points there. :)

We have talked/planned to have instrument-fx’s in the future.
That means you can add devices inside a instrument.
If we get a structure where you have instrument-patterns inside your instrument (have a look at the pinned ‘RNI future’ thread) then you also have track channels+send channels inside the instrument set up just like have in normal tracks (you have like a mixer inside each instrument).

If you have set up your things outside the instrument (the current only way to do things now), then you would simply drag/drop (copy/paste) the external track-chain into the internal instrument-chain, and save the instrument.

When you load the instrument you can just as easily extract the dsp chains to a normal track… if desired.

WOOOHOO! :dribble: :D

Pysj is dropping a lot of inside math lately and I’m loving it :)

I wouldn’t mind just having DSP chains that are instrument specific… as well as still having the ability to place them on patterns. This would simplify life greatly ;)