Instrument Editor Buttons - (Pitch+Time, Pitch, Time)

I sometimes like to work fast, to load a sample of a piano chord and play around with it with my computer keyboard as musical keyboard.

Once it’s in the instrument editor it plays different notes by adjusting both pitch and time. If I use it as an instrument, higher notes play extremely fast.

I wish there were buttons that allowed you to play that sample note on the piano split by adjusting Only Pitch, or Only Time, or both Pitch/Time together.

you’re talking about time-stretching. this is currently not natively implemented in Renoise. if you want to do something like this, you can use the rubberband timestretcher tool from

Thanks. I thought it might be possible for the Renoise team to develop this in the next version. As it is now, I have to make all the notes separately as individual files in an external editor for them to be the same length then map them onto the piano split in renoise. My suggestion is an pitch-only piano split (not both pitch and time) that adjusts as you play notes.

BTW thanks for your cheat sheet.

yeah, we are probably all hoping for the Renoise team to build in timestretching, as it would be a really nice feature. from what i’ve understood, its not easy to make, but i suppose when the rubberband tool can do it, so can the Renoise team.

cheat sheet: you’re welcome!

A solution like that would cost a tremendous amount of system resources because every note has to be recalculated on the fly if it is not playing at its native frequency.
The more notes you simulaneously need to have calculated, the more cpu consumption it will take.

I sense a bit the idea that such a solution would make it easy to have only one sample and fill out complete keyboard assignments with it, but i don’t think timestretching is a workable solution for these situations.

yeah, i think i’ve heard you say something along those lines before. i wonder though: other software is able to do this stuff right? i’m note 100% sure about this, as i have not used much other software, but i thought at least something like Ableton could do this stuff? how do they make it less CPU-intensive? or is that because it is not such a sample-oriented piece of software?

i guess it has more to do with licensing. think elastique, etc.

the “renoise-ish” solution could be a new powerful instrument editor.
more modern than this 20 year old ft2/it paradigm. and im NOT talking about timestretchbla. think sf2 import.

I guess I can just get faster in my external editor for saving the different wav’s. If I make every note I can press generate drum kit and it will map out easily.

Ableton can do this because it’s completely based on granular synthesis. the sample gets analyzed and split into grains, and because of that pitch becomes independant of time. the warping stuff is also based on that btw.

can’t really see how Renoise could do that unless it’s going the same (granular) way, which i’d rather not see happening cos i don’t like the sound of it. i prefer the oldschool sampler Mickey-Mouse-vibe that Renoise is sporting. and as has been mentioned, you can always make a multisample drumkit for as many notes as you want.

thanks for explaining. did not know Ableton was based on granular synthesis. i agree with you on the Renoise approach, i do like it better. would rather have a granular effect with some cool warp-stuff options than an entire DAW based on that.

Neither am i , i’m just doing an educated guess on what one in generic wants to automate. If the plugin parameter that is automated doesn’t cause a CPU uproar in generic, it probably also wouldn’t massively, however if a parameter is altered that costs cpu resources, this would probably crank it up a little more than average and if you apply this kind of activity to several plugins, then i suspect your cpu starts choking.