Instrument Editor Keytracking

how do you make the cutoff of the filter in the instrument editor track the note pitch?

probably easy, but i searched all over. found the keytrack device, but i cant assign it to the cutoff in the instrument editor.

thanks for any help

You can not automate instrument editor settings, only DSP effect settings. So to do that you must insert a filter device in DSP chain and use that. (It will be monophonic though, but you can duplicate the track for multiple parallel chains).

ah i see. thanks!

that leads me to another question. can you tell me what settings to use if i want the DSP filter to track the pitch perfectly over an octave?

also, the filter models are limited :(

Here’s an example .XRNS that will hopefully help you out :)

hi thanks for your help.

that was helpful, but what i really want to do is track the notes perfectly like if C4 had the cutoff on 261hz, C#4 should be on 277hz. etc

but i guess that is not really possible with the current implementation.

anyway thanks!

Ah, yeah, I’ve actually wanted this a few times myself. Currently this is not really possible, so you would have to program the changes manually, unfortunately.