Instrument Effect Command Idea: Lengthen/Legato

This effect command would do the opposite of what Cx does, extending the length of the note by some amount. This would mean you wouldn’t have to use two note columns to get a legato effect on some notes, say, when you’re programming a TB303-style bass using a VST.

overlap isn’t so crucial in length, it would just have to overlap any at all. So maybe it would be better to issue the command on the (following) note that is not to retrigger.

Could as well be the gxx command, for renoise native insts it makes glides, for midi/vst the speed would be irrelevant (or could be set to control a macro/vst parm), but could delay the note off of the first note just slightly behind the one with the gxx command on. Would enable you to keep the same notes for renoise intstruments as well as for vsts with similar results.

Could as well be the gxx command

Exactly! You got it. And then if someone DOES have an instrument with both sample and vst layers, the xx in Gxx could still control that parameter.

I’d also love to see Arpeggio implemented for VSTs, but for now I’ll take Gxx :slight_smile: