Instrument Envelope Lfo's

have you ever used the LFO section into the instrument envelope editor?

as the wiki says:
What the LFO here in particulary does is modulate the function of the envelope. Yet the LFO works independantly of the envelope curve! (meaning the envelope curve does not requires activation to make the LFO work)

in my opinion, this indipendency between LFO and curve almost renders the LFO useless:
for example, if I want to apply a sine LFO with an amount of 50 to a descending curve, the volume will never reach steady zero value because Renoise will keep on adding the sine function with absolute amplitude.

My suggestion is to be able to link the amplitude of the LFO to the current envelope ampiltude, id est: simply multiplying the LFO amplitude (range 0…1*amount) to the envelope amplitude.

For backward compatibility, this should be a “Link” checkbox, though I suspect almost noone has used LFO until now because of the above reason

yea, i would use lfo IF it wouldn´t reset cycle on every note…so i think it needs more developing -> opinion to reset/do not reset lfo cycle when note is played.
peace ov advice…

ps. might be that it wurk with ghost notes, BUT sometimes i need it so that other envelopes are resetting with note and lfo keeps bumping and vica versa…

edit: its not even wurkin with ghostnotes, muahahahahha. so its totally retarded…its nice this LFO on envs but totally uselezz atm…

so what i most need that i could find lfo really helpful is this resetting thing n note…just a tiny check box: reset, do not reset.

peace //r0b

mmm i don’t get it… lfo doesn’t reset in my version ?

if you use a second lfo to modulate the first lfo you could get it to go to zero…?? perhaps i really missed the point here… :blink: if that doesn’t work add another lfo.

it-alien is right, dependency between lfo’s and envelopes should become an option in the future. (+ the ability to link envelopes to the lfo parameters :)


I’ve also said this a couple of times before. A very slight and slow LFO on the pitch is the first thing I do on synth VSTs (for that warbly Schnauss / BOC / old dodgy vinyl sound).

It-Alien’s idea would also be useful but I’d prioritise the ‘free running’ LFO idea personally…

Yes! It would be nice to have an option to not or to reset the LFO on noteon. Make it happen! Soon! Asap!

Very nice idea. Linking the LFO with envelope will be a useful and interesting feature.

I already posted another topic on this, but I’d really also like keyfollow added to the Renoises LFO… that would definetely be a kick azz superDnBtool add-on :)