Instrument Envelopes And Song Sync...…spitchenvelope/

It’s basically a 1-beat envelope editor with grid snapping. It’s meant to make arpeggio pitch envelopes.
The problem is, apparently (please please correct me), 1 beat in envelope time is 24 columns. This is fine if all you want is a curve that begins and ends with a beat, but for making things synced to actual beats and such, this is almost a nonsense number. To make anything “fine” loop in time with a beat i’d need 7/8 or 3/4, not 4/4, so for instance 1->32 (0->31).

In addition, i really do wish there was point type envelopes. Interpolation for pitch envelopes is fine for vibrato and such, but for arps it just sounds wack.

Would it be possible to have a per-song envelope-specific lines per beat setting? Automation envelopes operate in “pattern time”, while instrument envelopes operate in “beat time”. When i see an automation envelope of length 56, and i can see that that number corresponds to the pattern position, i get mighty confused when the column number in the instrument envelopes does not.

well at least it’s better then before …If I remember correctly there it was something like 23 …You always had to subtract value of 1 to make perfect sync …This is al solved now with the new timing system ……c=15660&hl=…c=19244&hl=

0-index is what i’d want regardless though.

You can’t make a column-by-column envelope that loops perfectly on the beat. That’s a problem.

yes you can .The only drawback is that there wil always be a portion of the envelope where it slides …to connect the envelope points together ( as you can’t have 2 points at the same place …
If you want a pitched envelope with four semitone …just make an envelope of 96 steps …divide by 4=24
0-23 first beat
24-47 second
48-71 third
72-96 fourth
Expand your pitch envelope to 96 and paste …

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 0,0.5 23,0.5 24,0.70833331346511841 47,0.70833331346511841 48,1.0 71,1.0 72,0.4166666567325592 96,0.4166666567325592 97

Yeah so… We have a workable solution with lackluster, inflexible results. It’s still nonsensical.

Even better, a per-song default, plus a per-envelope speed setting.

Also, highlighting! In instrument as well as in automation envelopes, just like in the pattern editor… this is kinda overdue IMHO since we even now have highlighting in the pattern sequencer.

The idea works nice but the arpeggio’s sound more natural when using LPB 1 TPL12 or LPB 2/4, TPL 6 (to reduce the sliding effect to the minimum)

Thats just it though. We need point style envelopes i feel.

We need the ability to use all three different envelope types at once …linear ;point and cubic
Between the points of envelope ( point mode ) there is no interpolation between them …thus no sliding from one value to another .In combination with the interpolated ( cubic ,linear ) envelopes we can achieve the same thing .